JOHN DEERE 7R V1.0.5.0

Conversion of the standard 7R from LS22

Version 1.0.5
- Front and rear top links are now colored with the base color
- Adjustment of the Vredestein Terra tire position
- Each engine now also has a 60 km/h variant with a corresponding 50 km/h or 60 km/h decal on the rear window
- Added AM mascot upon request
- Added 7R Black Edition with white / gray decals (user request)

Dear Sir or Madam :)

I hereby share my 7R conversion with you.
It's just a rebuild and not a complete rebuild!

what was done
- Added RUL configurations (Standard, LED, LED2) because I didn't like Standard, I changed it
- Front flasher configuration (No, Yes)

- Warning sign configuration (No, Yes)
- Engine versions (added a chipped variant of the 388hp engine with 428hp)
- Main color selectable
- Front grill and the upper grill color selectable

- Seat color selectable
- Rim color selectable
- daytime running lights

As always:
If you don't want it, don't download it.
Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Changelog 1.0.1:
- Removed front attacher configuration
- 3-point hydraulics permanently installed (CTRL + V raise / lower all devices now works, GIANTS bug fixed)
- Front loader attachment No / Yes
- Added Terra tires under Vredestein
- Connection hoses and PowerTake Off redefined since 3 point is now firmly installed (if you notice something, please write it in the comments, we will take care of it)
- Various materials shipped into the baseconfig to keep everything consistent with the main color of the vehicle
- Added "Combination".
- JD front loader 700M now also included in the mod - only with choice of color that this looks optically fine in connection with the changed color of the tractor.

If you notice any errors or have any suggestions, we look forward to constructive feedback!
In the first tests, the tractor ran completely error-free!

- SimpleIC (window left, rear, warning sign) - tintable windows in one configuration
- Passenger installed (KUBOTA DLC required!)
- Added Terra tires for Trelleborg and Michelin
- Added another type of front flashers

Uploads are not allowed on other sites.
We will only upload this mod to our website and Forbidden Mods.
Everywhere else this mod is not from us and therefore there is no support for bugs!
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