SK-5 NIVA V1.0.0.3

SK-5 "Niva" - is a brand of self-propelled wheeled combine harvester produced in the USSR by the "Rostselmash» since 1971.

- Fixed bale bug (tension belts did not fit bale);
- Added stripping header Rostselmash OKD-4;
- Added trailer with a capacity of 45 m3;
- Bottom arm color configuration added on combine;
- Improved engine texture (normal map);
- Engine is painted in the main color of combine;
- Door is animated on combine;
- A few more minor changes;

Manufacturer: Rostselmash
Model: SK-5 "Niva", ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5, PSP-1.5, PPK-4, Cutter trailer
Max. power: 120 hp
Max. speed: 25 kph
Capacity: 3000l
Max. working speed: 10 kph
Working width: 4m, 5m, 4.2m, 3m

Color configuration:
- Main color (combine, cutter)
- Cab color (combine)
- Complementary color (cutter)
- Label color (combine, cutter)
- Rim color

Configuration parts:
- Equipment selection: standard, chopper PUN-5, stacker 54-8B (combine)
- Windows lattice (combine)
- Trailer selection (combine)
- Shields (combine, cutter)
- Year selection (combine)
- Number selection (combine)
- Reel selection (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)
- Extensions selection (cutter ZHZE-4, ZHZE-5)

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