FENDT 900 VARIO SCR V1.0.0.2

Front part is from fs13 surrealcrash fendt 936 scr, cabine and other part is from fs 19 fendt 900

- Added Vario Grip on BKT Tire

Manufacturer: Fendt
Model: 900 Vario SCR
Production: 2010 - 2013
Standard engine: Deutz TCD, 7.8L
Transmission: Vario (CVT)
Max speed: 60 kph
Price: 150000 $

270 - 390PS
-Vario 927 (256 hp)
-Vario 930 (296 hp)
-Vario 933 (326 hp)
-Vario 936 (355 hp)
-Vario 939 (385 hp)

Wheels Brand:

-Warning Signs

Simple IC:
-Back Window
-Top Window

-Passenger support

Vario Grip on BKT Tire
Ctrl+P - For set preesure
Ctrl+PGUP - For up pressure
Ctrl+PGDOWN - For down pressure
Maybe will need set this in controls if you have more then one mod with tire presure script.

Jukka surrealcrash SD_Modding

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