Added Bakery, Sugar Mill, ConAgra now a Flour Production Point, Oil Mill, seed production, additional Sell Points and farmhouses/silos in various places. I have also replaced some of the older FS19 residential/commercial buildings with FS22 models.

I have tried to check everything is functional.

Most features have been converted to work in FS22.

AGI Corn Dryer has been added (credits to River Bottom Custom Farming)

The original map features:

– Two towns, Moore and Burksville

– Several sell points and fill triggers

– 33 buyable crop fields, with sizes ranging from 13-200 acres

– Additional buyable grass pastures

– Dedicated forestry area and sawmill

FS19 version by American Eagles Modding, converted to FS22 by geeman72

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DOWNLOAD (1.6 GB, modsbase.com)