FENDT 900 TMS V1.4.1.0

Fendt 900 TMS Converted from the Ls19 I hope it will do you justice.

Version 1.4.1
sound revised,
volume adjusted
km/h adjusted,
all doors and windows newly cut out and installed,
Front loader installed (Quicke Hauer)
added care tires rear,
Colors revised
Tire pressure system (Now with function CTRL page up and down to set the pressure and CTRL P to confirm)
speed adjusted
Added rear upper link bracket (only lowered in front because it would look stupid)
new front fender installed
Added water tank again
50 KHM sign adjusted
Level display made darker
more rim colors
RUL holder now not visible with unconfigured beacon
Shop category from L tractors to M tractors
More updates are coming

Converted from the Ls19
All textures adjusted
Design selection translated into German
Log is clean
Have fun with it
I hope it does you justice.

Smety / Tronxyyy

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DOWNLOAD (45.8 MB, modsbase.com)