Welcome to baltic sea. The landscape is characterized by hills and hedges. There are small and big farmers.

- Terrain smoothed.
- Floating objects and trees fixed.
- Decoration on the farms can now be sold
- Fertilizer and Seed can now be bought at HaGa
- New fruit textures
- Farms defined on PDA
- Bales can now be used in bga bunker.

Small or big farmer? Its your decision. You got all possibilities to be there.
- 66 Fields and meadow
- 5 Farms
- 1 Biogas plant
- 4 Woods for forestry
- Own buildings
- Own textures
- Own license plates
- Multiterrain
- Realistic stubble destruction
- Dig and waterhole fill up by rain
- Animated train
- Animated ships
- Prepared for precision farming with own soli map
- Seasonal map objects
- 5 Sellingsations
- Animaldealer
- Collectibles

You need a new savegame.

In multiplayer, farm decorations, fences, hedges and halls at Gut Schier can be sold via the "Kreis Ostholstein" farm.
To do the silage bale mission, you need to buy the BGA.
Have fun on Ostseeküste and successful harvest.


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