HAWE KUW 2000 V1.0.0.3

Anyone who says sugar beet must also say potatoes.

So I also worked on the HAWE KUW 2000 potato transfer wagon.

I think this beauty could also get more love from players.

- Choice of color for the transfer wagon, the transfer belt housing, the transfer belt and the rims

- Logo choice with various Hirschfeld logos (of course also possible without logos)

- Gently adjusted collision of the transfer belt to be able to drive underneath it better with a semi-trailer like the Krampe 3in1

- Increased transfer speed (but more moderate than with the Bergmann RRW 500... potatoes and not mashed potatoes should arrive in the trailer)

- It is now possible to configure a higher filling volume of 45,000 L to completely fill up the Terra Dos.

Of course, that has nothing to do with realism, but anyone who wants to can do it (but I couldn't help paying a corresponding surcharge).

Giants Software, [HIP] Patrick

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DOWNLOAD (12.6 MB, modsbase.com)