Ebony Island is a fictional island located some where around the coast of the UK.

Changelog (Old save game compatible)
- All sheds, barns etc now only spawn on New farmer mode perfect for those who want to play start from scratch
- Object shed added to some farms, capacity increased to 500.
- Farm silo's are now multifruit.

The island boasts a lush farming area set on rolling hills. The island offers something for everyone, and a lot of options to make it there own world, this is perfect for small to medium equipment. Starting farm is an arable farm with minimal equipment for contract work.

* 7 farms located around the map.
* 225 fields of all shapes and sizes.
* Alien Jim's cuttable hedges allowing you to merge fields together easily.
* Suchsneaks relight mod v1.3.
* Multiple shed types, custom animal pens, Lime station, walls and hedge in the build menu.
* All base game production points spread around the map (custom storage capacities for both input and output, also available in the build menu).
* 100 collectable toy's to be found.
* forestry plots.
* Precision Farming ready (custom soil map).
* Cow's, sheep and horse pens are all graze mod ready.
* Animal food and water capacities maize plus ready
* Disturbed Simulations UK GEO.
* Alien Jim's right hand drive traffic.

Changelog (Old save game compatible)
* Floating collectibles fixed
* Street lights added on the smaller island
* Some collectibles moved to new locations.
* Missing red horse collectible fixed.
* Silo capacity increased (also available in build menu).
* Alien Jim's right hand drive traffic added.
* Some houses swicted out for other models.
* Texture and foliage changes around houses (new save required for these changes to take effect).
* Texture fixes for some sheds (originally looked very dark and weird)

Save game compatible, however for some changes to take effect a new game save is required.


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DOWNLOAD (151.9 MB, modsbase.com)