Here we present the Rabe Multidrill M300

This is a Rabe Multidrill M300, which was created from the Amazone from the Base Game from the 19th and was converted to Rabe by Mr. Hand and me.

Does not correspond 100% to the real model

Have been done:

1. Color choice: Raven Blue 1 and 2 in new and in old configuration and Raven Black in new and old configuration.

2. Track marker was removed because the Rabe Multidrill M300 does not have this in reality either, at least the pictures where I found it.

3. Material system has been changed

4. New rims and decals from HerrHand, a big thank you for that

5. Removed AO bug from track markers

Everything can be seen in the pictures.

privatprivat, HerrHand

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DOWNLOAD (4.2 MB, modsbase.com)