MOUNTAIN HILL 2022 - 4-FACH V6.0.6.1

Multifruit, Revamp, tobacco, hemp and hops (including equipment), New Animals

Typo fixed in the following productions:
- Oil factory (diesel)
- sawmill (empty pallets)
- Greenhouses (tomatoes and cucumbers)
- Vegetable factory (white cabbage)
- BGA (Sugarbeet_Cut Booster)
- fertilizer factory (amount of lime)
There is no need to start a new savegame

- Added straw and manure to the chicken coop at the mountain farmer's farm
- Added Mist to the sheepfolds at the mountain farmer's farm
- Removed duplicate in the translation files
- Manure and manure increased for pigs
- Increased feed capacity (straw, water, fodder) in Berghof chickens
- Cow pasture animals increased to 100 pieces
- Manure adjusted for the chickens and ducks
- All productions revised and optimized
- You can now sell empty pallets at the Raiffeisen, Lagerhaus and Conoco shop
- Price changes for Cotton, Hemp and Tobacco
- Cigar prices increased
- Snow has been removed from fertilizer factory
- Oil factory produces more diesel

Here is my MountainHill2022 version
NO new savegame is required from version 6.x.x.x to version
From this version V6, productions can also be sold again. At the moment the goods remain in production, from revamp 1.4 they will be credited to you
With the new animals from Susi & Wingi
:thanks: A big thank you again to Wingi for releasing the animals :thanks:
The goat's milk can be transported with the MK32 present in the map.
precisionFarming Multifruit and Compost Ready
If you want it, download Precision Farming Multifruit and Compost (V Patch and replace the original mod with this mod file.
What has been fixed and changed in this version can be found in the "Versions" tab and in the description
The revamp script from "braeven" is required, which is a prerequisite for the map.
The script because it makes productions more diverse and has many advantages. Just look at it.
Link for Revamp: Download Revamp
I also recommend the pallet autoloader specialization from Achimobil, which also loads the tobacco and hemp bales.
Link for autoloader script: Palette Autoloader Specialization - Modhub Version
Here are a few key data about the map:
Snow roofs would be added everywhere on buildings from LS19.
Decoration depends on time, weather conditions and season.
Parasols, laundry, pool water is gone in winter, but there are street stamps in winter.
What else, you will see for yourself.
You cannot use what does not belong to you (pastures, stockyards, contractors, etc.)

Rye, triticale, spelt, onion, carrots, red cabbage, white cabbage, poppy seeds, tobacco, hemp and hops (hops in the shop where wine can be bought)
2 harvesters for tobacco and hemp can be found in the map under "Vehicles > FM Modding".
Trailers for molasses and biogas can be found in the map under "Devices > FM modding".
Grimme and RopaPack for earth fruits integrated in the shop "Vehicles/Devices > FM modding.
Hop harvester and cutter also available in the shop under FM modding.
Cucumbers in greenhouses, hay pellets, straw pellets, wood pellets, molasses, bran, compost, seeds, cigars, cigarettes, lime, mineral fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, hemp oil, soybean oil, corn oil, paper, vegetable cans, empty pallets and beer.
The card is fully retracted with AutoDrive.
Main roads, secondary roads, country roads, country lanes, forests, sales outlets, production facilities and courtyards
Here is the link for the AutoDrive file course from V6 of the Mountain Hill 2022
Support is only available here in Discord.

MountainHill2022: FM-Modding (LS-Farmer Marco) Zuckerfabrick: El Cid Molkerei: LS19 Giants Getreidelager aus Giants SeedTower: Der Hopfenbauer Sägewerk: Susi und Wingi Lagerhaus: aus LS15 Halle Komposter und Holzhacker: Lancyboi Zusatzfrüchte: FM-Modding (LS-Farmer Marco) New Animals: Susi und Wingi

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