The Map Riedwäldle is a partly real and fictitious replica from Swabia.
The center is the Riedwäldle forest. This is surrounded by many meadows and fields and offers plenty of space for farming. It is located between the communities of Rechberghausen and Wangen in the district of Göppingen.
When you start the Riedwäldle map, you can choose one of 4 farms and get started immediately, as your desired farm is equipped with machines, feed and fields.
Alternatively, you can also build your own farm since the farms are completely for sale or use one of the smaller building plots to build your own productions.

Here are a few facts about the map:
4 different courtyards, a horse stable and a nursery, allotment gardens, a mill bakery and much more have been installed.
Cultivate 148 fields and meadows with 0.256ha to 2.842ha.
8 building lands which you can freely design.
18 forests
6 points of sale for buying and selling your products.
2 petrol stations and an agricultural machinery dealer.
Vehicles and feed are available in the yard at the start.
More ground angles and heighttypes

The map is intended more for small to medium-sized machines as is common around here!
Mods you need to make the map run smoothly can be found in the added description!

More buyable space
Some fields redrawn
Each field, meadow and forest can now be purchased individually
Added new forests and improved
Traffic adjusted / or removed now there is no more traffic jams
New vehicle dealer
3 new courtyards
Some new areas to farm (new fields and meadows)
More ground angles and heighttypes
Added allotment gardens (here I recommend the micro management and small devices, where you get that from is up to you)
Added and exchanged textures (there are now more textures in the build menu)
Added sheep pasture
Villages revised
Added mill and bakery
Introduced script for more trees, makes the mod obsolete
And much more
New autodrive courses
More building lands


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