LANDBAUER T25 V1.1.0.0

The Landbauer T25 is a conversion of the ABI WT550.

● The modDesc version has also been updated.
● It has an effective water removal effect.
● If you have a drink of leche, it contains liquid and digestion according to the types of food used.
● You have started selecting the new color from the farmer “Mocha”
● You can realize various combinations/adicions in xml.

A small single-axle liquid trailer that can serve as a refill station for refueling small sprayers at the edge of the field. It has a tank volume of 2,500 liters for fuel, herbicides, liquid fertilizer and water. Furthermore, the Landbauer standard color selection for individual design, optionally with a spray system and water tap. As always, all configurations for Landbauer Technik products are included in the purchase price and are therefore free of charge. Additional attachments such as fenders, mud flaps, rear lights are available, as is a fuel gauge that can be read, which is located on the front of the tank above the pump.

● Landbauer T25
● Purchase price: €4,500
● Maintenance costs: 0 €
● Liquid trailer
● All configurations are free
● Shop category: Shop / Devices / Miscellaneous
● Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Italiano, Spanish, Polski
● Support and further information is only available from FBM at
● MOD file size: 2.38 MB

Giants Software GmbH (Spieleentwickler) (Publisher) Landbauer (3D Artist & Ingame) Thorsten73 (MOD-Tester)

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