NEW HOLLAND T6000 / T7000 V1.0.0.0

Tractor performance reaches new heights with the New Holland T7000 and T6000 Series tractors. T7000 and T6000 Series Tractors offer everything you could ask for, strength, power and flexibility to help you cultivate, seed, bale, mow and load more productively Individual Tractor Specifications

- Price: 135,000 $
- Power: 178, 228, 193, 243, 201 and 251CVs
- Power models: T6070, T6070 Chiptuning, T6080, T6080 Chiptuning, T6090 and T6090 Chiptuning
- Continental, Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg and Vredestein tire options

- Price: 179,000 $
- Power: 215, 255, 234, 283, 241, 291, 242 and 292 hp
- Power models: T7030, T7030 Chiptuning, T7040, T7040 Chiptuning, T7050, T7050 Chiptuning, T7060 and T7060 Chiptuning respective powers of the previous topic
- Continental, Michelin, Mitas, Trelleborg and Vredestein tire options

General specifications of the models:
- Optional single, balloon, rear double tires on American and European versions, narrow single and double tires.
- Optional European, American markings along with a reflective triangle
- Optional normal and direct exhaust which changes the engine noise
- It has two groups of animations, these contain animations of the doors, window, seat, steering wheel column, sunshade and mirrors
- When equipped with the NH 372 Receiver, the folding function will be enabled, when activated, the operator will release his hands from the steering wheel to give the GPS a more realistic look
- Optional black or chrome grille on the simple front grille exhaust
- Optional to have or not the warning stickers as well as a radio inside
- Optional rear wheel weights separate from tire options
- 4 rear fender options and optional with or without front fender
- 4 options of glass shades
- Optional reversing sound signal
- Optional auxiliary light together with beacon lights
- Numbering from 1 to 9
- It has optional bodywork and wheel colors
- Add-on Isaria Pro Compact sensor possible, requires Precision Farming DLC
- Compatible with ride-hailing system, Requires Kubota DLC
- Has the hook function when approaching the rear hitch, requires the Volvo DLC

Agro Tonho

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