INTERNATIONAL 1255/1455 XL V1.0.0.0

The International 1455XL and 1255XL tractors are powerful and versatile agricultural machines
that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. These tractor models, manufactured by
International, are highly regarded within the farming industry, trusted by farmers and agricultural professionals alike.
The mod for these tractors offers numerous enhancements and upgrades. It introduces a
detailed engine model, providing a more realistic representation compared to previous
versions. The mod also incorporates various improvements such as an Irish/UK hitch,
multiple bonnet variations, a new air filter, different exhaust options and real engine sounds.

-Price: 48500$
-Power: 145HP 125HP
-Speed: 43km/H
-Engine Configurations: 1255/1455 (1996), 1255/1455 (1992), 1255/1455 (1996 old decals)
-Tires: all FS22 Brands
-Airfilters: Standard and secondary
-Exhausts: Standard, Straight pipe and Straight pipe bent
-Cab details
-Attachers: Front weight, Weight carrier, and front hydraulic
-Stoll and Hauer front loaders
-Cb aerials
-Colour options

-Left door
-Back window
-Sun roof


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