CRATER LAKE 22 V1.5.0.0

Decades after volcanic activity, the forest has regrown, now is the time to harvest! Over the past few years a drought has caused the surrounding lakes to dry up and provide a nice fertile area for a small farm and a massive dead forest to harvest.

Fixed tree shaders on both maps, Trees now visable from a distance
Fixed spray paint not working, Now works
Fixed some names on buildings
Fixed 100k chainsaw, now cuts and has longer reach, This is meant as a start from scratch
Added new shop, this also has sleep trigger
Added Charcoal and Pallet productions
Added new sawmill, has new output Bark for Charcoal
Moved fuel pump, animal dealer and sell all points to one area around the shop
Removed Grain Production,Replaced with new Pallet Production, Added new Grain Mill as a placeable that takes pallets and paperrolls as part of production
Removed Animal Dealer and bale sell, Replaced with Charcoal Production, Bales now sell at sale all behind shop
Carpentry now needs pallets for productions

Welcome to Crater Lake 22
This is a basic map that offers a smaller area to farm and plenty of forest to harvest and expand

6 fields, No starting field, But good starting equipment
Sawmill produces Planks, Boards and Woodbeams
Paper Plant produces Paper and Cardboard Rolls
Carpentry produces more than just furniture
Bga takes grass and woodchips
Animal Dealer has a bale sale and a sell all points

I hope you enjoy and have fun on this version of Crater Lake
Bonus map Included..
Rogue River FS19 version, this is strickly a logging map, no farming, For Nostalgia I used all the orginal loading screen and PDA

Poorboy, Catalyzer Industries

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