The Ropa Pack for the Premium DLC

- Light effect removed from the fruit icons.
- Increased overload speed on the Panther.

Dia's pack consists of my existing mods Ropa Panther Pack and Ropa Tiger Pack Premium DLC.
Since I received many requests as to whether these could not be made into a whole pack, I have now made them.
The individual mods are no longer available for download.

Now for the mod description:
This pack contains the Ropa Panther 2 and the Ropa Tiger 6S with the associated cutting units
and the cutting unit trolley for the Ropa rrXL9x45 cutter.
The Ropa Panther 2 and the Ropa Tiger 6S and the cutting units can cut potatoes, sugar beets and
Harvest the new fruits from the Premium DLC.
A separate cutting unit must be purchased for each fruit.
A choice of colors is installed.
Capacity selectable Ropa Panther 2 Bei and Ropa Tiger 6S.
To distinguish between the individual cutting units, each cutting unit has the appropriate fruit symbol attached to it.
The pack is suitable for multiplayer.

A notice:
This pack is suitable for players with Premium DLC.

Technical specifications:
Ropa Panther 2
- Price: €375,000
- Weight: 21.5 t
- Power: 515 KW / 700 HP
- Volume 30 m³ / 60 m³
- Speed: 40 km/h
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa rr6x45 cutting units
- Price: €54,000
- Weight: 2.7 t
- Working width: 2.7 m
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa Tiger 6S
- Price: €499,000
- Weight: 33.5 t
- Power: 565 KW / 768 HP
- Volume 43 m³ / 86 m³
- Speed: 40 km/h
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa rrXL9x45 cutting units
- Price: €79,000
- Weight: 2.5 t
- Working width: 4 m
- Working speed: 10 km/h

Ropa rrXL9x45 header trolley
- Price: €9,000
- Weight: 2.7 t

It is not allowed to re-upload the mod in whole or in part on other sites!

Mod Micha

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