**UPDATE v1.1**

Changelog: Updated textures to improve blending between detail, LOD, and distance textures.

These Wheat crop textures can be used to replace any existing ones contained either on a mod map, or the default game files.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a mod to be placed in your mods folder. It is a texture replacement pack.

The entire crop foliage has been re-coded and along with the new textures brings the crop far closer to real life Wheat. The distance textures have all been edited so the detail to LOD to distance textures blend as seamlessly as possible.

Contained in the coding is the ability to have "tire tracks" crushed stubble when using crop destruction. This really adds an extra level of immersion when working on the field.

The texture pack comes with a txt file with full installation instructions for both how to add it to a mod map, or to replace the default game files.

PLEASE NOTE: Before making any adjustments ALWAYS make a backup just in case.

BulletBill, GIANTS

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DOWNLOAD (3.9 MB, modsbase.com)