STEYR 1300 PLUS V2.0.0.0

New model
New configurations

In 1969, the existing Plus series was supplemented in the upper performance range with the Steyr 1300, which was only available in the all-wheel drive version, where it was Steyr's most powerful tractor until 1974. The water-cooled WD 610.50 turbo diesel engine with six cylinders and 5.995 l displacement had an output of around 77 kW (105 hp). The transmission had twelve forward gears and two reverse gears, but also up to eighteen forward gears and four reverse gears if desired. The top speed was stated as 30 km/h. Steyr 1300 tractors came from Hungary to Austria without an engine and were then fully built. 50 of the Steyr 1300 were sold.

Agrar Manhartsberg

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