This is an old project I did last april. I am no longer making construction mods so frequently as I became more logging oriented. The map offers:

a quarry/rock pit

a whole bunch of land clearing

small scale logging (southern style might be the best for this one)

development projects

demolition of an entire subdivision

pond building

The version of Stone valley that I used was pretty old since this was 10 months ago, i was not as good at modding as i am now. The map still works though and I figured i should release it here for the few who may want to take a look at it.

My inspiration for this project were the videos from Letsdig18 on youtube where he operates machinery doing the things this map is based around. I went and added a little piece of forest and a demolishable house to the map first, later went on an 8 hour mapping spree to finish it to where it is now.

All in all this mod turned out decent and it was a big learning curve for me as a mapper.

Have fun, Levin

LL Logging

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