FENDT 800 VARIO S4 V1.0.0.1

Fendt 800 Vario S4 Series
Price: 215.000 $ - 329.000 $
Power: 226hp

New download link because the old verison was some texture issue.

engine configuration:
Fendt Vario 822 (226 hp)
Fendt Vario 824 (246 hp)
Fendt Vario 826 (265 hp)
Fendt Vario 828 (287 hp)

- Main color
- Rim color
- Front loader console
- Design Line or normal execution
- Warning signs
- Beacons
- Precision farming crop sensor

- The door can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons and left/right movement
- The rear window can be opened/closed by pressing both mouse buttons and forward/backward movement
- The roof window can be opened/closed with the mouse wheel
- The steeringbase folds down/up when you enter/leave the tractor

Quicke Q8M

Price: 17.000$
Required Power: 140 hp

-Main color
-Design color

For the animations the Interactive Control Script is needed! (FS22_interactiveControl)
This tractor is prepared for Precision Farming.

Emil9356 Schnibbl Modding

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DOWNLOAD (67.3 MB, modsbase.com)