TALBACH 2K23 V2.0.1.0

Update FINAL:

- Small fixes/adjustments

- Fixed issue with animal health under "MaizePlus AnimalFoodAdditions".

- Call stack 'setCropsGrowthNextState' fixed when rewinding the time to 0 o'clock

- Painting grass added again + bushes (edelweiss = grass on the map)

- Fixed clover hay & alfalfa hay for presses. Round bales and square bales can now be pressed. What you can't do is wrap it in foil. It doesn't make any sense and no one does it

- Error for rake fixed. As soon as a swath of clover hay or alfalfa hay is supposed to be swathed together, the log is filled with errors

- Fixed coupling/storing the hoses to the universal barrels (Joskin & Universal Tank).


- Fish farming:

-- Production adapted to fish farming. It now takes a while for fish to appear in boxes (24h = 4 boxes/per pond). So you also have some space for other work ;)

- Milk production:

-- Production adjusted (1 bag + 100l water = 198l milk/month) The month refers to Giant's standard game start


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