FENDT TIGO 100XR V1.1.0.0

mod folder clean up
better effects added
additive tanks as requested added

Due to such a poor convert been uploaded on the 13/02, Scootz_1989 and Mental Modding decided to correctly convert the model
The other version that was uploaded had just been auto converted and uploaded as is and was in no usable state.
scootz and the MM team have fully reworked the model added the correct tip effects,animations, added licence plate and full sounds package and the model works as intended and as always is error free

Technical specifications:
Price: 154000 €
Capacity: 54000 l
Needed Power: 220 PS
Max. working speed: 20 kph

Color configuration for the body and rims

ErrorFreeModding scootz_1989 Mental Modding Team Lukas dajoe

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DOWNLOAD (24.2 MB, modsbase.com)