NEW HOLLAND TM 175-190 V1.0.1.0

Minor update
Added wide tires
Added blue power decals (missing the blue power color)
Added option for front lift without PTO
Added option to take off the small danish details
Fixed front upperlink location
Minor fixes and changes general

Convert from FS17
Added old and new logos
Added Fiatagri deisgn
Added GPS
Added red safety triangle reflector
Added 3 different exhaust pipes (straight, standard and custom straight pipe)
Added experimental exhaust effects (not sure what i think yet)
Added 2 new working lights with position light
Added animated wunderbaum
Added toolbox
Added front weights
Added new tyres
Added working mirrors
Fixed upperlink in front lift
Fixed the weird glow on the hood
Added a few details such as danish number plate, and a danish New Holland dealer sticker.

Fixed and removed flaws (log is not yet clean)
Interior still needs work, and overall the model is bad and would need a full remake at an later date.
The file size is also pretty big
If you find a flaw or something missing, please comment.
Credit to the author for making the model.

Christopher Brogaard BJR-Modding Marthu

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