GIFU 405T/SISU M V1.0.0.3

-added Rába 571 trailer
(supports InterActiveControl and Universal Autoload, will also be further developed)
-added color configuration for cabin, chassis and bumper
-added real Sisu badges when using colorconfigurateable cabin
-added support for ,,Befa Shortwood Swap Body Pack" from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Jenz Crusher Swap Body Pack" from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Transport Swap Body" from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Platform Body" from ModHub (Swapbody)
(keep in mind that you should adjust the position of specifically those swapbodies listed above using mouse control)

-fixed not being able to fill from lakes/fuel stations for Universal Transport and Slurry Spreader Upfits
-Universal Transport now actually can be filled with all Liquids

-improved grip with old wheels, new wheels should still be better in terms of traction
-made mudflaps configurable (will have to be reconfigured)
-store now shows 120 kph instead of 90

Extra Notes regarding Autodrive/Courseplay
-when using Courseplay please set the working width to 10m manually, I haven´t found a fix for the inaccurate working width yet
(Base game Workers have been fixed since V1.0.0.2)
-extra note when using Autodrive, set the curve/corner speed to 50% and the maximum speed to +-80 , this should prevent the drivers from loosing control in most situations, also, using the newer wheels with more grip will help

- Price: 21000
- Power: 265 HP
- Supports Vehicle Sleeper, Manure System, InterActiveControl, Universal Autoload, Precision Farming and Passenger (Kubota DLC)
-10000L volume
-10M working width (configuration)


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