PSK-9SP V1.0.0.0

The 9-meter Soil-preserving Stubble Sowing Complex (PSK-9 sp) is an improved version of the HORSH Pronto 9DC agricultural machinery, which is now produced under the Rostselmash Clover brand.

This versatile machine is designed for tillage as well as for fertilization.

- The cost of such equipment is 56,000 units, and for its operation a power of 270 hp

is required. - The capacity of the PSK-9sp allows you to hold up to 3,000 liters of seeds and 2,000 liters of fertilizers.

- The width of the machine is 9 meters, and the operating speed is 18 km/h.

- You can choose the configuration of the main color, the color of the rim and design elements.


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