GAZ-3307 V1.0.0.6

Changes in version

- Editing the topology (the frame of the "GAZON" and the sides of the barrel for milk and water)

- Correcting wear (removed on spare tires and an additional mudguard)

- Editing the sound of the door animation

- Edits for autodrive

- New foglights (now the light is reflected on the environment)

- Edited side lights (increased intensity)

- Edited the food booth (raised higher)

- Edited the loading trigger at the food booth

- The center and weight of all components were redone

- The entire chassis was reassembled and reconfigured

- The sound of the gasoline engine was replaced ( ZMZ 513)

- Added engine speed when the body rolls over

- Added a fireproof muffler with animation (installed automatically on a fuel tanker and methane tanker)

- Added a methane tanker (with wear, decals and animations)

- Added ZSK (with wear, decals and animations, set the X button pipe, press the U button to change the hopper).

Features of the mod:

- Price: from 38,110 euros

- Power: 130 - 136 hp.

- Speed: 90 km/h

- Body volume: 6000 - 17000 l

- Tank volume: 5000/7000 l

- Booth

- Fuel tank: 90 l

Customizable options:

- Body/Tank

- Wheels

- Bumper and flaps

- Additional lighting

- External and internal tuning

- Road train badge

- Cab and body stickers

- Choice of color of cab, body, rims, trim, air intake

- Supports universal passenger mod and Interactive Control

Vika Odintsova, XXXni

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