Welcome to French Lorraine! Shared between agricultural plains and wooded groves, rediscover agriculture, livestock, and forestry.

- Fix round bale texture problem.
- Fix Tedder problem.
- Remove Farmland 126.
- Script and effect optimisation.
- Fix ground texture in default field.
- Fix snow error with teeder.
- Add CZ traduction.
- Fix manure instabillity.
- Lower farmland price.
- Fix NPC icon.
- Fix Mustard production.
- Fixed various textures.
- Correction and change of walls.

This map consists of 2 typical farms of the region, one in an old farmhouse with modern extensions, the other, a large agricultural building perched on a mountainside. Numerous new factories are available. A completely new village gathers points of sale, farms, and production facilities. This map consists of 86 fields of crops, about ten forest plots, and a stream called the Dubion. Several innovations come with this map :
- The roofs of houses get wet during rain.
- Roads get wet, dry, and frost over in winter.
- You may see puddles of water in certain fields.
- Some factories have new functions like the sawmill or mills.
- Two new agricultural cooperatives.
- New crops such as mustard, triticale, and alfalfa.
- An area to build your own farm.
- Cheese production directly on the farm or in the communal dairy.
- A secret quest about the history of a funny animal from the Vosges.
- And a whole multitude of new decors like the mechanic, the Claas dealership, the livestock trader, the water tower, etc.

This card works with the FS22 Manure Systeme.


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