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Are you into mining or public works? I am, which is why I made this map. Yeah, you can still do some farming on it, by making your own fields, but the focus is mining and public works.

There are two abandoned towns on the map. One is more of a village that experienced a rock slide. The debris can be cleared out, and all the buildings can be destroyed. The second town is a bit more expansive. It has a sewer system that you can go into (the last photo shows an uncovered view of the sewer, in the game it's covered in asphalt). There are multiple entires into the sewer, some that need to be dug out, others that don't. All of the buildings in town, besides the main gas station, can be demolished. The gas station does need to be fixed though, and has trenches underneath it that can be dug out so fuel lines and tanks can be reestablished. There are a couple of other spots on the edge of town that have trenches as well that can be dug out and used for the basement of a home, or the foundation of a building, or what have you.

On the hill overlooking the town is a small housing development that never got completed. The houses can be cut down, with the use of a chainsaw or any other tool used for tree removal. The foundations of the houses can be destroyed with a stump cutter.

There are multiple mines. Some are strip mines that have a lot of life to them. Some are underground mines that need to be dug out. One is an underground mine with heaps of coal in it. And there is an underground bunker that can be dug out as well. Then there is a massive mine just outside of the town that has material that can be hauled out of it, and can be dug out as well. Or you can just demolish all the rocks and have some open land. There is also a marble mine, because why not.

Now, my overall idea for the town area was for it to be able to be leveled, and a new town built up. Which is why almost everything in the town, besides the gas station, can be demolished. The roads, the sewer system, the trenches, the concrete slab the old vehicles and buildings are sitting on, all can be destroyed (I'd highly recommend destroying everything on the concrete slab before destroying it, otherwise you will have things floating in the air). That entire area can be leveled, and a new town be built.

There is also a mud pit in the hills near town. Thought it would be fun. Two last thoughts, most of the rocks on the map can be destroyed. And there isn't a lot of trees, but there is one forestry area if you want to go that route. There may be a bit more to the map, but that's most of it.

Before I forget, this map also gets more snow, as in winter is longer, because it's in the Dakotas. It's also slightly colder, and there is more rain as well.

Now I have to give credit where credit is due.

First, the base of the map was Elk Mountain by Elk Mountain Modding. It is the base that I will use for any future maps. The reason being that I've edited the xmls and the like to my fitting. I'm not claiming this as an edit of that map anymore as the map has been fully transformed into something new. Yes, there are still remnants of their map, but the map is something completely new. The environment has been completely altered, the rivers and lakes have been altered. The geography is very different, and the backend is incredibly different. But without Elk Mountain, this map wouldn't be the same, so they deserve a good deal of credit.

Squigglzes has to be mentioned here. The sewer system, many of the buildings, some of the coding and the like was taken from their maps. Domicile and their edit of Elk Creek were very helpful here. I also built this map knowing that some of their mods and the like would be coming into play. Without Squigglzes, this map would be something very different. The work they do directly impacted the work I did on this map.

AlBorks PW also needs a mention. Check out their Youtube, they have some great stuff there. A few of the buildings and trenches came from their maps. I also got a lot of inspiration from what they are doing.

Poorboy, who did the Mason County Map needs a big thanks here. Some of their productions from that Mason County map were implanted into my map. You can get them under the Factory tab. The one I wanted the most was the trailerpark production, that produced junk cars, and that is now a peaceable on my map, with some edits.

PapaSmurf Modding also needs a mention. The large mine on the left side of the map was lifted from their Mining Extreme Map. It's slightly different on my map, but after I saw it, I knew I needed to have it, which set into motion a lot of the changes I did on this map.

I'm sure there are some mentions that I'm missing. To put together this map, I looked through dozens of maps.

Finally, yes, there are errors with this map. None of them affect gameplay. Some are residuals from things in the code, which aren't in the map. This is largely stuff I've set up for a future map, but is not implemented in the current map. It has no effect at all. Some of the errors deal with items being too large for console. Which is fine as this isn't console map. None of the errors have any effect on gameplay, and like I said, many are just residuals. The map plays smoothly.

I will be releasing a savegame for this map, that adds vehicles, marble blocks in the marble mine, some dynamic rocks, and a variety of vehicles and production points. It's exactly how I'm starting the game, and what my vision for this game was. With that, there will be a number of vehicles released, conversions and edits, that will go along with this game play.

Finally, for this map to work, you need MudSystems, and the Plantinum Expansion. Plantinum Expansion allows for the items to be demolished.

With MudSystems, I've added very little mud to the map. There is one mud pit in the hills. But I've also added brushes where you can paint on fields, which when it rains, they will turn into mud. So if you want a dirt road, that will get muddy, you can paint them on.

And yes, this is a big file. Why? Because there is a lot to this map. There are added productions. There are added trees. There are added brushes. There is a lot to this map. But even though there is a lot to it, it still operates smoothly. So enjoy discovering what's there.

Western Dakota Mining

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