Winton specialises in a range of tractor mounted, PTO driven implements suitable for sub-compact through to small tractors.

Direct drive rotary topper mowers can tackle ‘topping’ overgrown grass, weeds, light scrub and saplings in pasture and paddock areas.

Winton WTM 110
Price: 910 $
Working width: 1.1 meter
Working speed: 15 km/h
Required power: 25 HP
Weight: 175 Kg

Winton WTM 180
Price: 1350 $
Working width: 1.8 meter
Working speed: 15 km/h
Required power: 60 HP
Weight: 385 Kg

This Winton bale spike is ideal for transporting hay, straw and silage bales.

Winton WBS01
Price: 390 $
Weight: 35 Kg

The Winton pallet forks have a fixed structure, making them very robust, and great value for money.

Winton WPF500
Price: 395 $
Weight: 45 Kg

Winton WPF750
Price: 490 $
Weight: 57 Kg

Designed as a weeder and featuring a robust heavy duty frame and heavy sprung steel tines.

Winton LR5
Price: 780 $
Weight: 126 Kg
Working width: 1.5 meter

Winton LR6
Price: 950 $
Weight: 185 Kg
Working width: 1.8 meter

This weight box give compact tractors increased stability, and prevent the tractor tipping due to a front loader or machine.
Weight box can be opened and filled with 300 liters of stone, stone can be discharged to ground.

Winton WWB450
Price: 600
Weight: 100 Kg
Capacity: 300 liters

Ideal for moving a wide range of items around any smallholding, this trailer is fitted with upgraded wide turf tyres.
The trailer has a standard capacity of 1.5 tonne, select between pin or ball hitch for attaching to small or compact tractors.

Winton WTL15
Price: 2235 $
Weight: 250 Kg
Capacity: 1.5 tonne

Credits: TSR, BOB51160, DickerSauerlaender, nagor

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