Krajeńskie Pola

Can't decide whether you want to play on small or large machines? Standard maps too small for you? Or maybe you are looking for a development map where you can bone Bizon and end up with 3 Lexions?

If yes, you've come to the right place :D

I present to you my map Krajeńskie Pola 4x. The map was created based on the real terrain of 3 towns located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The map has:

- 176 Fields

- 25 Meadows

- 1 Large forest divided into several smaller lands

- Fields from 0.18Ha to 52.37Ha

- 5 Small / Medium / Large

- SKR database

- Varied terrain

- MultiTerrain

- Stubble compaction

- 3 Purchases

- Almost the entire standard production chain

- Passive Income

- Increased economy for e.g. collecting stones

- Collectibles

- Possibility to play football on the pitches or Orlik

- Custom road traffic with pedestrians

- Local license plates for player and AI

- Automatic night lighting / Manual on one of the farms

- Custom textures

- Custom lighting

- Custom sound

- A few interesting facts

- Objects that appear depending on the season

- Perfect for MP :D

Have a nice game!

Changelog - FINAL VERSION New save required!

- Some file names have been adjusted

- Adjusted the speed of NPC vehicles to avoid columns forming on the roads

- PDA adjusted

- Added prop collisions on farms

- Machine sales point added

- Added more custom vehicles for road traffic

- Added parked cars by NPC

- Added lighting in the store

- Added the ability to sell props on the SKR Database

- New land added

- One farm added

- Fixed the pole at field 81

- Fixed plane disappearing

- Fixed sorghum stubble

- Fixed sawdust collection

- Fixed several yards

- Fixed some lands

- Fixed terrain bumps

- Fixed grass getting into roads

- Fixed an issue where some trees could not be cut down

- Fixed one static meadow

- Several trees were removed

- Dog barking sounds removed

- Removed stubble compaction as default

- Default lighting set

- Default crop textures have been set so that everyone can use their own

- Default Clip distance set for trees

- Increased LOD distance for some objects

- Wościbórz estate was slightly rebuilt

- Collectibles have been rebuilt

- The area along some roads has been leveled

- The default economy and the first field have been changed

- Some minor optimization changes


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