Yield Fluctuation - Medium (original)

If you have v3, you don't need to download this update, functionally it works exactly the same, just cleaned up the code and added some other stuff in descriptions etc.
- Cleaned up the code.
- Change the picture, to make sure that it looks exactly like other 2 mods (Hard and Easy mods of Yield Fluctuation).
- Tested all three mods once again, to make sure that it works as intended.

To give more information about Easy, Medium and Hard mods, which you can find in my profile or just by using search bar on this site:
* Easy: Yield Fluctuates anywhere between x0.5 and x5 (meaning you can get half of the normal yield or FIVE times normal yield and anything in between.
* Normal: Stays the same as it was before, anywhere between x0.5 and x2.5.
* Hard: Yield Fluctuates anywhere between x0.3 and x1.5 (keep in mind, that you're more likely to have worse yield than usual and it's way harsher than normal version of it. If you're planning on using it, consider yourself warned, but this one is most realistic)
As always, if you find any problems with mods or have suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Realistic yield can be a blessing or a curse..
No matter what farmers do, during certain years their yield ends up being much lower than during others, depending on weather and other factors,
which can't be controlled. This mod will let you to experience that yourself.

In short, there are 3 mods with different difficulty levels of yield fluctuation, this mode will affect your yield on medium difficulty, it can differ anywhere between x0.5 to x2.5 of normal yield, in other words, some years your yield will be decreased quite a bit and other times you'll feel like you won a lottery!
It's purely RNG (Random Number Generator) based, so you won't have any input of how good yield will be, but don't forget to fertilize your fields and take care of them, otherwise your yield will be decreased even more, based on core game mechanics.

These are the results of simulating 10 years in the row, your results might differ:

Original yield without a mod was 3103 17%

With this mod:
3584 19%
2742 15%
2739 15%
3632 20%
7249 40%
9362 52%
5677 31%
5682 31%
2327 12%
3470 19%

Percentages are from the harvester itself, I've used most expensive class model, which you can see in the pictures.
I would like to thank people who helped me to polish this mod: YellowLight and Shad0wife.


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