CVT ADDON V1.0.0.1

This script adds all vehicles with continuously variable transmissions
a genuine CVT transmission or hydrostatic transmission.
This can be configured in the shop. You can also choose between a classic
or modern variant.
- Realistically, it is always selected to match the vehicle.

The key bindings for the CVT add-on must first be assigned.
All settings in the LS should be set to manual.
Manual shifting and clutch.
No automatic control systems may be active.
If you want to drive realistically, you will do this anyway.
The CVT addon should be actively used and not just a "it runs in the background" mod
(customise for the respective application)
The vehicle XML value "rotInertia" (flywheel) must not be specified,
or it must be precisely coordinated.
And as a reminder, the engines have to warm up first.
If in doubt, please take a look at the tutorials.

Setting options:
General CVT:
-4 acceleration ramps can be set.
-Braking ramps can also be set.
-TMS pedal mode can be activated.
-Automatic differential lock can be activated or preselected. This requires the mod
FS22_VehicleControlAddon or FS22_EnhancedVehicle is required.
-Efficient working with the machine at maximum power.
-To be able to start the engine, the clutch must be actuated.
Classic CVT:
-2 driving ranges can be shifted here.
Modern CVT:
-The driving ranges shift automatically.
-The parking brake is activated as soon as you move away from the driver's seat.
FS22_VehicleControlAddon or FS22_EnhancedVehicle required.
-Low-speed concept, enables even more eficient working.
-Convenient operation thanks to fewer required setting parameters.
Hydrostat and HST drive:
-The 2 basic variants are selected by switching the drive ranges.
-In this configuration, the single acceleration ramps are declared as speed levels.
-Both hydraulic drive types can be set in motion by a percentage accelerator pedal.
With the hydrostat (the older or simple variant), the hand throttle must be used to
A. reach the final speed,
B. increase the hydraulic pump capacity, e.g. to increase the speed and lifting power
of the frontloader on the yard or wheelloader
to achieve more speed and lifting power.
-In the newer version, this is largely regulated automatically,
but the hand throttle can still be used to
to carry out front loader work more agilely.
-If FS22_VehicleControlAddon is active,
the parking brake must be applied to start the engine.
Heat, overheating and wear:
-Engines must first run warm enough to avoid generating increased wear under load.
-Improper use and incorrect adjustment when driving, especially under load,
can cause the gearbox to wear out more quickly.
-If the pressure is too high, the gearbox can overheat and thus cause wear.
-The engine temperatures are only synchronised with FS22_DashboardLive in Multiplayer!
DBL must be active at least with .

Influence on the functions and functions that create influence:
The engine braking effect:
-Is calculated dynamically by various factors. Among other things, weight, speed, wind,
incline or decline play a role, engine power (unfortunately not cubic capacity),
engine speed range and speed, etc. play a role.
Also depending on which acceleration ramp is selected.

Starting the engine:
For continuously variable vehicles, the clutch must be depressed,
which is also the normal clutch. In hydrostatic configuration, if VCA is active
the handbrake must be applied in order to start the engine.
In addition, the hand throttle must not be pulled up, it must be set to 0.

Driving ranges:
There are 2 driving ranges, II. is intended for road travel, transport and light work.
Stage I. is more for heavy field work and heavy transport.
Here the maximum speed is also reduced and the torque provides more thrust,
especially when starting off.
A button assignment must be assigned for each level.
The driving ranges should be changed when the machine is stationary,
as this can also cause damage. *A little tip, if you use the group shift buttons for up/down,
you can use the same buttons for the speed steps.
A special feature of the "modern" configuration is that the driving ranges are regulated.

Acceleration ramps:
Furthermore, there is now an acceleration ramp in 4 stages, which can be switched through with one button.
This influences the acceleration behaviour when accelerating and reducing the driving speed.
Smooth and with feeling or full power and rough. With heavy implements or trailers,
can cause high pressure in the planetary gearbox and damage it!
In this case, the acceleration ramp should be set to 3 or less.
Level 4 is more suitable for empty runs.
For light field work, you can easily pull at speed level 1 in acceleration ramp 4 - for example, disc harrow, flat cultivator.

Further detailed explanations of the details
can be found in the Escape help menu and
in the Wiki on Github, as well as tutorial videos.

Almost all values and settings can be used with FS22_DashboardLive.
More detailed informations about it at the wiki on Github.

Feel free to provide ideas, feedback and reports at Github: FS22_CVT_Addon please.

- Motor start with config NO fixed
- AD/CP was switched back and forth too wildly
- DBL parameters adjusted, see Wiki
- Boat on the Hof-Bergmann could not be driven.
- Wheelbarrow was excluded
- Speed curve adjusted for modern config.
- New shop configs for harvesters and electric vehicles.
- Clutchpedal can be used as inching-pedal for harvesters.
- Manual vehicles can now be completely deactivated.
- With the CVT clutch you can now coast longer from full speed.
- The clutch no longer needs an extra button shortcut, you can use the standard clutch.
- Problem that threshers overheated too quickly in HST mode has been fixed.
- Heating FS2 reduced
- Reduced damage when changing driving ranges when FS22_RealisticDamageSystem is inactive.
- Translation texts corrected
- Added NL language
- Memory function has been revised again, all configs should now load correctly.
- Fixed swapped driving areas from the Github hotfix.
- The HST and Harvester configurations no longer overwrite the CombineXP Speed reduction.
- Help menu has been updated.
- VCA hand throttle can only be used in HST 1, However, not full throttle, just turn it up to 99 percent! (The intervention in VCA at this point is hard)
- Ramps can now be controlled directly, individually. e.g. for a VarioStick
- Most custom shop categories integrated, if yours is not recognized, please let us know.
- Compatibility with the Göweil DLC
- Clutch value added for DBL


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