A very old timberframe barn.

Price: $45420
Upkeep: $120/day

This old timberframe barn was build in the early 1800s and was mainly used to store hay, straw and sheafs of wheat and other grains. Also what few implements farms had in those days.
In the early days there might even have been two cows in the left part of the barn. Back in the day there were walls and seperations in the barn for the different feeds and stuff.
There is also an old pigsty in the middle of the barn but that is not used anymore. Most of the walls have been removed so the barn can be accessed by vehicles.
But since the barn is so small it is still only possible for very small vehicles to get into the corners of the barn.

This barn is just a leftover on the farm, still used to park some vehicles in it but not for anything else since its just too small and cumbersome to use for example as hay storage upstairs.
Tip: The big door can only be opened from the inside just like in real life you have to go through the small door into the barn to open the big door from within.


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