[FBM22] Elmcreek Deko-Pack

Elmcreek Deco Pack

I am pleased to present the contents of the pack to you.

A decoration pack with 10 different models to place on the Elmcreek map, or any other American map.


• A Welcome to Elmcreek sign, price: €5,000
• A Rancho Sheriff's Patrol vehicle, price €5,000
• A ranch gate, price: €2,500
• A typical American telephone booth, price: €2,500 (€2 per day)
• An ice cream freezer, price: €500 (€1 per day)
• A blue postal box, price: €50
• A "The Elmcreek Post" newspaper box, price €50
• A dumpster, price €100 (€1 per day)
• A black dustbin, price €50 (€1 per day)
• A green garbage can, price €50 (€1 per day)

• All items can be found in the game under: Build / Decoration / Miscellaneous
• The garbage cans and the garbage container can be moved by hand
• Languages: Deutsch, English, Français, Polski
• MOD Size: 14.9 MB

Have fun with the MOD pack.

Giants Software GmbH (Landwirtschafts-Simulator)
Forbidden-Mods.de (Publisher)
Landbauer (3D Artist and Ingame Creator)
karlwirbelwind (3D Artist)
YJ_ (3D Artist)

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