This tool was created for the purpose of moving maps. I noticed that a lot of custom maps were put in the same spot, so I made this to make it easier to move them. Yes this is a newer and MUCH better version of my old Ymap Tools I made a long long time ago that every was chasing me for.

Extract ALL the files in the .rar to their own folder and run the exe

So it's very simple to use, press file select either your file(s) or folder(s) and it will put your ymaps and ybns in the list. Specify an offset down the bottom right. Yes that's right an offset, not a new location. So people who can't work you get where you want to move the map to and subtract the current position. Then you press start, it'll process the files and then it's done!

Please do not reupload this anywhere without my prior permission

I will offer support here, but for faster support jump on my discord server

Huge shoutout to dexyfex and Codewalker, if it wasn't for him none of this would be possible. This program utilises Codewalker.Core.

Fixed an issue with calculating extents

Fix some text case
Changed adding files into a thread
Added timer functions to adding files and processing
Added a cancel button


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