Zil-443114 and Zil-6009 as part of a road train. An example of an active road train created by the joint efforts of the Sverdlovsk branch of ZiL and the Bryansk Automobile Plant, intended to replace the serial train ZiL-137. It consisted of a ZiL-443114 (6 × 6) truck tractor with an original design and a BAZ-9951 biaxial semi-trailer chassis. Tractor 443114, developed at 21 research institutes, was based on the 150-strong chassis of the ZiL-131NV tractor and was equipped with a rectangular front lining and a fiberglass cabin with increased resistance to the damaging factors of a nuclear explosion. If the ZIL-137 semitrailer had a hydraulic all-wheel drive, which delivered a lot of trouble in operation, then they used a simpler mechanical drive that does not need reliable high-pressure pipelines. It has: – 4 of its add-ons + default – view from the cab – your sound – your cargo


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