Hello to all! So I decided to do my next work on the Maz 5434-SV-Timber truck. It is intended for the transportation of timber and other lengthy cargoes; default add-ons are removed – only autonomy is left. The machine does not replace anything and is useful to those who like to carry trailers for 4 or 8 points of cargo. It has: 11 of their add-ons + 2 default. 2 types of wheels. The view from the cab. Carries: from 2 to 8 points. Have a nice trip. Version 1.2 for SpinTires (v03.03.16): Added default add-ons + your own, replaced wheels, editing cab textures. Made for myself, decided to share. It has: 11 – default add-ons; 6 – their add-ons; 3 – types of wheels;


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