In 2000, a new series of main tractors appeared - Freightliner Columbia. The new model is characterized by aerodynamic forms of the cabin and a modern appearance. Traditionally, for American mainline tractors, the Freightliner Columbia cab is equipped with a complete lounge for the driver. It provides a comfortable berth, refrigerator, microwave and other technical amenities. The temperature inside the cabin is regulated by a powerful air conditioning and ventilation system.

Thus, the Freightliner Columbia is for the driver not only a car for work, but also for rest. The dashboard is laconic forms and lines. However, design in cars of this class does not play such an important role. Many instruments and equipment are able to inform the driver about the technical condition of the car on the way.

The Freightliner Columbia is powered by Detroit Diesel engines with a capacity of 12.7 liters or 14.0 liters. These motors are characterized by high performance. The transmission is 10-, 15-speed mechanics or a fully automated EatonFuller gearbox. There is a clutch pedal on the truck, however, it is only necessary to use it when starting from a place. Further, the "machine" enters the work. In the Russian market, Freightliner Columbia is not widely popular due to the rather large dimensions compared to European counterparts.

- Can transport 8 points of cargo;
- Freightliner Columbia can connect all-wheel drive;
- Works on new versions too;
- The suspension is soft;
- The network also works.

It has:

- 2 of its add-ons
- Your cargo


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