Changes in v2.0.3:
- Added 2.3m boxes for small trailers
- fixes

This is a tandem addon for the "Ekeri trailers by Kast" mod(v2.0.5)
Mod adds 24 variants of the Ekeri tandem trailers. All shapes and sizes Semitrailers have Tyllis dolly.

Ownable Tyllis dolly pluss all type of trailers ownable with many parts!

Kast - Trailers SCS - Everything :D Skins: Fabry85 Semitrailer Wheels: abasstreppas - original textures, high poly model 50keda - low poly base Kast - wheels Mid-axle trailer wheels: abasstreppas Flares for the LEDs: abasstreppas

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DOWNLOAD (55.7 Mb,