Fixing things that needs fix again
The mod is an add-on for the R chassis, you'll find it in the Scania dealer.
You need to pick the correct parts (recognizable via the icon) yourself.

- Tweaked UV-Maps
- Added a second spoiler anchor for all P cabs
- 12cm side spoilers for Highline Cab
- Added a new painted door handle (with correct UV-map)
- Templates packed with the mod
- Fixes
- Giving Bruno a headache

The front corner deflectors got their own fixed UV-map now, their size is different than the R cabs. Compatibility with paintjobs designed for R is NOT assured.

P-Cab addon for the Scania R. This mod is an add-on to SCS' Scania NGS R chassis.

Biggest features:
-Highline & Normal P Cabins;
-LHD & RHD interiors;
-Side spoilers with & without extensions (rubber tail extention and spoiler top deflector);
-10 roof spoiler tilt for each cab;
And more, but you'll see them yourself!

-Bruno_G -Special thanks to Wolfi & Sogard3 -Base model by SCS.

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DOWNLOAD (13.8 Mb,