Version 4.2 Multifruit / SoilMod & GMK-Mod & MBO Mod:

- Vineyard with numerous vines above the pig and cattle mast.
- Winemaker created for the production of wine near the horse breed.
- NEW sugar factory installed on the premises of the dairy.
- Storage for grapes and sugar in the vicinity of the car dealer.
- Krone Emsland for the transport of grapes and sugar.
- Norgeholm 2016_ab_v4.2-Modular Overview.pdf.
- PDA map updated.
- objectSettings.xml for the MOH 2.6.
- Animated heavy load rack installed as a raised bearing in a large cold store.
- High rack as a raised storage in the cold store for the butter production at the dairy.
- Water consumption at the hard coal mine slightly reduced.
- Water consumption in the cherry farm somewhat reduced.
- Large cold store incl. Automatic ware storage for food production, installed below the farm.
- Small refrigerated storage for the butter production at the dairy.
- Biodiesel can now be purchased at the agricultural trade.
- Biodiesel can now be charged free of charge at the bio-refinery.
- Production rate at the cherry farm reduced.
- Production rate at the cherry cake bakery increased.
- Volume of cherry pallets increased from 4,000 to 5,000.
- New lighting. At the farm, pig, cattle, goose and hare mast.
- PDA updated. The former fertilizer trade is now called land trading.

Pandahma, Marhu, Mannie313

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