Version v1.1: - It has been re-programmed under FS 15 - Again, plants have been added - All errors have been removed (there were generally about 70 of them) - Added sawmill with the possibility of selling the tree and the log - Added opportunity to buy and transport the tree cut from sawmill! - All 2d trees / shrubs / bushes have been removed - New 3D trees with FS 13 have been added - New forests have been added with trees that can be cut. In total, there are 4 forests! - The map has been optimized! - It has 1 error that does not cut the game in any way! - Added 4 farm for small machines - Added new lanterns that automatically light up by 21 o'clock - Bug removed in BGA - No sounds removed - No sounds added - no new triggers added - New triggers added - Even more varied terrain! New places added! E.t.c! - Added 2 purchase of grain - Clip distance of all models set to "300", so that old computers easily pulled as many FPS as possible - Machines were removed for start because they were lagging a bit - Manure purchased on the 2nd farm with cows was added - Added bloto / Dirt on fields and roads - Fixed not txt crops / buildings - Not changed which models on the map to make the map look more realistic, among others, the church - 3/4 models now has collisions - Added a new door that after opening does not sleep litanies in the log - Pedestrian traffic has been added (I could not add traffic ...) - Cows have been added to the pasture and shed - Machine shop changed - Machine resets added - Machine purchase added (xD scrap) - Seed purchase bought (behind the forest) - New plant added QQ silos (already on MP normally work) - Added possibility of transport from the stop (near the store) to 2 other stops!

Version v1: -3 playable farms (2 with the possibility of breeding cows) - purchase of cereals - BGA - very large and extensive village - very high detail - the species of chaff, lime, dung - buying fields - opened gates - varied fields (from small to very large) -outside grounds - turning and feeding cows in the cowshed - new sounds - machines at the start-variety in the village, ie: old PGR, extractor, SKR, church-changed skins -models have clipdistance installed, and all together have about 5 , 5kk poly which is quite a good result for such an extensive and detailed map - and what is the most important very nice Polish climate :)

Autorzy TomixLS Giants ( Czysta Mapa ) Na nowo zaprogramowanie/dodanie roślin itp.: PrezesZiaroo

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