(Copy And pasted from fist modder that edited
Have done a few changes so the machines work and look like i want it and added some new things.

Ponsse buffalo: Added so the camera follows the crane from in cab view and also added real work light on the crane that also follows the crane.
Changed crane speeds to my liking (using dual joysticks) and changed so the main arm goes up a bit higher.
Some textures were changed.

Ponsse Scorpion: Have added so you can rotate the head and so you can pick up logs by pushing B “turn off harvester”.
Changed texture on the crawlers.)

My edits listed below
I just took the ponsse Pack from another site that the arm speed had been turned up and fixed the error that was in both mods and retextured the tire belts back to black instead of the green they was And i also changed the arm speed of scorpion king as well the buffalo was the only one that the speed had been changed on and I changed Cut Length start 1m up to 10m in 1 m step.

Thunderhawk09, Skuggan

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