This mower is suitable for your small yard! It also includes a Sauter front triangle for quick coupling and thus guarantees a fast compact use in the grassland area.

Pöttinger NOVACAT 306 F with Sauter front triangle

Price: 8350 €
Maintenance costs: 25 €
required power: 47 hp
Working width: 3, 06 m

front triangle
Price: 400 €,
Maintenance costs: 1 €
Have fun with the mower! L. G. Model freak and Fabian / Gogobear

Mähwerk: Grundmodell LS11: GIANTS Software Konvertierung: Suedtirolerbauer Modell- und Texturüberarbeitung: Modellfreak Dirt und Anpassungen: Fabian/Gogobear Scripte: Stefan Maurus Sauter Frontdreieck​​: Grundmodell LS13: steyr1, Face Textur und Dirt: Fabian/Gogobear

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