HTS 50.04 UAL
HTS 50.04 UAL

Trailer with automatic loading / unloading. Used for transportation of bales and pallets (28 round, 21 square, 12 pallets). There is also a manual unloading: LMC (left / right) - tailgate, LMC (up / down) - flapper. Selection of the side of unloading, animation of the support pillar, lighting technology, washable. The log is clean!

A short explanation for this fashion. Automatic loading: Use the Z key to select the type of product to be loaded. Next, press the X (Work position) button, the bales or pallets will automatically load. Automatic unloading: Press B to select the unloading side, press Y to automatically unload the trailer. Manual unloading: The unloading side is not selected, we press the Y (unload) key. With the help of LMB (left) - open the tailgate, LMB (up) - move the flap and unload the trailer.

RockzModding, John, TSL

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