Who does not know you make potatoes with the best potato machine and only notices when you have in the work that is pretty slow and little capacity ??

Would not it be nice if you could somehow facilitate this ??

Yeah VinniTv_ makes for you the mod that everyone can use

Here is the mod for you

The mod comes from the original game

What's new? Ask yourself

That's a good question but here comes the answer

Aslo the Varitron470 is just standing with a few small improvements (eg

Level: Before 9590 liters Now 48500 liters

Driving speed: Before 25km / h Now 50km / h

Working speed: Before 10km / h Now 25km / h

Discharge: Before 750 Pro Sec. Now 7500 Pro Sec.

Working Empire White. normal but there will be more soon to harvest the field even faster

Purchase price: Before 495,000 € Now 550,000 €

the 550k come to the stand because sometimes more crops can be harvests in the warehouse and because he drives faster

otherwise nothing was changed

and the mod is capable of multiplayer


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DOWNLOAD (40 mb,