The NF March is Seasons Mod ready and includes 25 Global Company productions!

Version 2.4
Syringes can now be filled at the fluid store
Flying flower box deleted in Halle am Hof
Pulp sales office deleted
Flour factory acceptance empty pallet improved
Sawmill again a little slower and less wood consumption
Sawmill wood chip plan adapted
Sawmill wood chip texture adapted to the conveyor belt
Map spawn point Heutrocknung now in Halle
Mapspawnpunkt fertilizer production adapted
Brauerei fixed pallet label
Wassertrigger malt production increased
Fertilizer production now also takes on compost
House 38 no more parking car
Channel members houses and chalkboard in the shop currently
Fixed mark errors of the pallets

All pallets fix weight, size and pallet fork compatible
Empty pallet, wooden pallet, flour, pellets, sugar, malt, beer crate, beer keg, cardboard, paper, apple, plum, pear, cherry

Name shortened to map for following productions
Apple, plum, pear, cherry, diesel, pellets, crop protection, fertilizer, seeds, sugar, flour, compound feed

Pallet dispenser brewery, malt, sugar, pellets, cardboard, paper, apple, pear, plum, cherry

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