FDR Logging Mods Pack December - 2020 v1.0

Dec - 2020
All Mods - Final All Machine Update, Tons Of Various Fixes And Weight/Stability Balances
All Tracked Machines - Slight Weight Increase For Stability Help
All Dangle Heads - Added Slight Amount Of Dampening To Help Keeps Grapples More Stable While Swinging Logs
All Buncher Heads - Increased Cut Node Speed Back To Original, This Will Cause Twist In The Tree Butts But Will Make Bunching Extremely Smoother
​All Buncher Heads - Slight Increase In Cut Range, Makes Much Smoother Cutting With Less Hanging On Stumps
Forestry Grinder - Made This Super Light So It Doesn't Cause Bounce Back When Hitting Stumps That Don't Chip, Will Compress Now Instead Of Jumping


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DOWNLOAD (2400 mb, Original link)