- NEW: Per key the display can be toggled between everything, single or nothing. Default: lstrg + P

A hud for displaying the productions that need attention.

Developed for the NF March, but is compatible with all Global Company productions.

Also shows the sale possibilities, where you can sell goods from the productions or from the silos at best prices, if the sale price pointer of Tunis is activated and only if there is also a certain quantity in stock.

This is the first version I am releasing. Since the documentation is a disastrous from a programmer's point of view I could only learn this by studying other mods. Should work in multiplayer and on servers, but I could not test. Error messages and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Still planned:

Display of all product runtimes in the GC menu

More setting options

Requires Global Company.

Sales price trigger from Tunis if you want to display the sales prices as well, but is optional.

Für die Preisanzeige wird der Mod Verkaufspreisauslöser von Tunis bnötigt. Konnte keinen Kontakt zu ihm herstellen um seinen Mod zu integrieren, deshalb lese ich die Daten dort nur aus.

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