Adjustable Mirrors

This mod enables you to adjust the mirrors of you vehicles and actually make them useful when using the in-cab view.
Everything is fully multiplayer compatible and mirrors will be synched between all clients and saved by the server.

Default bindings are as follows:
- "Adjust Mirrors on/off" : [rctrl + keypad_0]
- "Change mirror" : [rctrl + keypad_5]
- "Tilt the mirror down" : [rctrl + keypad_2]
- "Tilt the mirror up" : [rctrl + keypad_8]
- "Tilt the mirror left" : [rctrl + keypad_4]
- "Tilt the mirror right" : [rctrl + keypad_6]

- Fix a vehicletype registration bug, which arose in some vehicle mods. The mod should now work in all applicable vehicles.
- Update registration code to a more "default" approach using built in functionality
- Add french, italian and brazilian portuguese localizations

StjerneIdioten - Original 2015 version by Marhu

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